BITRAIN is a total exchange chain with services such as global standard exchange platform, P2P(Peer to Peer) trading platform, dividend option trading platform. BITRAIN is established with numerous years of experiences in Forex, security and crypto exchange development, operation and management.

By partnering with Vietnam’s commercial bank, BITRAIN supports deposit/withdrawal and trades with legal tender which gives investors accessibility and convenience, world’s best security and management system.

Separate storage of balances and crypto cold wallet’s distributed storing minimizes damages of customers’ assets from unexpected attacks. BITRAIN is doing its best to provide a safe service that is easy and reliable.


BITRAIN P2P is a crypto OTC (Over The Counter) exchange, connecting each with various trading using P2P(Peer-To-Peer) method.
You can eliminate risk of breach of contract of other party using reliable BITRAIN P2P platform.
Immediate execution, low fee, fast transaction will make remittance with not only your trading partner but also with other exchanges and even overseas.

BITRAIN’s DIVIDEND OPTION exchange, unlike other existing binary option, does not engage in trades.
Users will only trade with each other, data will be open real time and guarantee equity and transparency.

BITRAIN EXCHANGE provides pleasant trading environment with intuitive and user friendly UI and fast system response.

Now, you can meet BITRAIN anywhere around the globe with PC or Mobile.

MB BANK, Vietnam’s state bank, is one of the leading banks in Vietnam.

BITRAIN’s deposit/withdraws are safely processed through MB BANK’s computer network and separately reserved clients’ assets are protected with bank’s rigorous security system.


BRC will be used as a key currency in BITRAIN ecosystem. BR’s usage will constantly expand according to the BITRAIN’s growth. You can experience BITRAIN’s main features like trade or transfer asset to each other within exchange chain, fee discount, participate in IEO etc., and other special benefits through BRC. BRC is designed to maximize BITRAIN’s value through growth and will constantly expand its uses online and offline.

Multi-Trading Platform

BRC supports BITRAIN DIVIDEND OPTION platform and compatibility of various platform which enables easy and quick transactions without any complex exchange processes.

User Friendly Transfer Service

BRC supports transfer, payments across BITRAIN’s partner platforms through blockchain. You can simply transfer BRC and use the services without any additional exchange, wallet etc.

Reverse ICO

At current, development of BITRAIN trading platform is complete and waiting for official launch through localization and optimization. The use of BRC is clear and will be listed as soon as BITRAIN EXCHANGE service is officially open. This will enable use of the token and encashment as well.

White Label Service

Technical supports like white label, wallet etc. will be provided to the potential service partner who is willing to provide financial services using BITRAIN CHAIN and easily expand BITRAIN’s ecosystem.


BRC, operated with BITRAIN’s net and blockchain, paybacks portion of incomes of service fees according to the token held and transactions of each accounts. This will be primarily applied to BITRAIN DIVIDEND OPTION and size of dividend and efficiency will be maximized through participation of service partners.

Participate in IEO Sale

Outstanding blockchain projects will be selected by BITRAIN with its strict verification and will be publicized to the investors in IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) type. All IEOs happening in BITRAIN can be participated with BRC only.

Participate in Poll for New Listing

You will gain right to vote for new coin to be listed in BITRAIN. You can also submit your favorite project as a candidate for new listing in BITRAIN.

AIR-DROP of Newly Listed Coin

You will receive an airdrop of newly listed coins (event supply) in BITRAIN according to the BRC amount you are holding.


Fixed rate of fee profits in BITRAIN CHAIN will be used for purchase of BRC and cancellation. Cancelled BRC can’t be restored and total amount of BRC will constantly decrease and value of each BRC will increase.


will be used for purchase of BRC and cancellation. Cancelled BRC can’t be restored and total amount of BRC will constantly decrease and value of each BRC will increase. You can freely use BRC at online and offline partnered stores with one consolidated account. You can also receive various discounts by BITRAIN when you pay BRC at partner stores.
(Open at 2021 2Q)

Technology Base ETH (ERC20)
Total Amount of Tokens 1.5 Billion
Token for Sale 500,000,000 BRC (33% of total)
Token Price 1 BRC = 0.03 USD
Sale Period 2019. 11. 11 ~ TBD
Distribution Date Within 2 weeks after token sale
Purchase Method Can participate only with Ethereum (ETH)
Minimum Investment 1 ETH


100% 1,500,000,000 TOTAL AMOUNT
33% 500,000,000 PRIVATE SALE
20% 300,000,000 ECO-SYSTEM
17% 250,000,000 MARKETING
20% 300,000,000 RESERVE
10% 150,000,000 BITRAIN FOUNDERS


2020 2Q
2020 2Q
Crypto Pay System Implementation
2020 4Q
Strengthen Financial Partnership
Extra Commodity Development and Service
2021 2Q